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Mindfulness in Schools (Videos)

Introducing Children to Chime Meditation

In this video, Dr. Diane Gehart and David Siegel introduce elementary school children to a sound meditation using a chime. This 1-2 minute meditation from the MindUP curriculum can be used by teachers throughout the day to help children improve their focus for academic activities and more smoothly transition from activity to another.

2-Minute Mindful Breath Meditation for Children

Designed for at home practice, this 2-minute mindful breath meditation can be used anytime you want to focus and calm the brain, such as before homework, a performance, or bed.

Mindfulness and the Brain

Dr. Diane Gehart describes how mindfulness affects the brain, describing how the mindfulness affects the stress response as well as executive functioning. She describes how mindfulness benefits persons diagnosed with ADD/ADHD at a neurological level.


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